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posted about 4 years ago by GGayares from Community Emergency Response Volunteers of the Monterey Peninsula Labels: drop-off camping supplies
This update is over 30 days old.

From one of the Monterey County Recovers Squad Volunteers:

To: Monterey County Community Resilience Program donors, volunteers, organizers, and admins

If you have tents, lanterns, sleeping bags, air mattresses or pillows that you are willing to give to people who want to go back and camp on their land while they rebuild, that will be great.

Please drop off at Calvary Church in Monterey off Hwy 68. They are near Tarpy's. You may also drop off at Chris Wilson's Plumbing in Seaside.


  • Calvary Church DOES NOT WANT clothes! They want camping equipment/supplies. Thank you.

    GGayares "(about 4 years ago)"
  • If the drop off locations are not convenient, I will be doing Pickups Tues/Wed Monterey County. Today Tuesday Carmel & Pebble in AM by request, early stop Forrest Hill Ace Parking Lot Hwy 68 around 1:30 pm; Tomorrow Wed. Pacific Grove & Monterey by request, early stop Forrest Hill Ace Parking Lot Hwy 68 around 1:30 pm then in the Grove Market Parking Lot between 2:00 and 2:30 pm. Making drops both days. My cell 831.428.3135. Thurs/Fri in Santa Cruz County. Thursday morning West Santa Cruz by request, noon stop at Staff of Life Parking Lot in Back 12:30 to 1 PM between tour. South County in the afternoon pickup by request. Aptos Ace Hardware Parking Lot next to Safeway 5:00 to 6:00 pm Cabrillo Host Lions Meeting Thursday evening to wind up final delivery this week. Look for White CR-V license plate VUHOMES. Best I can do. Must work so try to use meet up times at Ace & Staff. Will post changes to this schedule here responsively.

    JeannieCollins "(about 4 years ago)"
  • Hi Jeannie, wow. Gerald here, Recovers Squad Volunteers. I copied your comment/message and messaged it internally to Donors, Organizers, Volunteers, and Admins in our database in our website. Hope that is ok. Thank you so much for what you are doing. :)

    GGayares "(about 4 years ago)"
  • From Jeannie Collins:

    The Manager at Ace Hardware Forrest Hill let me set up a cart with a sign on it for collecting the camping gear today and tomorrow.

    Especially with traffic it's a long way from Santa Cruz, Aptos, Pebble & PG to Seaside.

    Hope this helps.



    btw the smoke is pretty toxic down near Tassajara where I did the drops... pretty much any where near the fire. Bring a mask.

    GGayares "(about 4 years ago)"
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