Needs for Pay It Forward Community Force (Calvary Church)

posted almost 4 years ago by GGayares from Community Emergency Response Volunteers of the Monterey Peninsula Labels: donations
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From Gabriela Forte - - FB group page, "Pay It Forward Community Force," (Calvary Church):

Needs for our Pay it Forward Force this week: -someone to help us design a pay it forward logo - someone to help with the mid coast fire brigade website -Angels to start gathering healthy, organic non perishables staples for a pay it forward basic box We have decided to start putting together a "pay it forward basic home kit box" for the evacuees to take home with them, with the basic non perishables staples to start over (high quality, organic healthy things like pasta, tomato sauce, quinoa, rice, beans, brown sugar, coffee, flour, olive oil, salt, pepper, toilet paper, laundry and dish soaps, etc) Whether their house burned down or not, they have lost everything they had in it in terms of food, so they all need help with groceries. A pay it forward concept of 2 boxes, one basic with non perishables for the month, and another with fresh veggies and fruits for the week. The fresh one I'll talk to some farms (already talked to Mariquita Farm and he's totally on board) and we will have a little pay it forward mini CSA concept. Maybe someone can help us make a little stand or beautiful sign in which we can have the boxes delivered into palo Colorado weekly. I have one resident that can do that for us at his house, and already volunteered, and I'm sure the fire house would be ok with doing it there as well. Now I just need your help, all the pay it forward Angels from the community, with helping me gather the other things for the boxes. I will make a list of the exact things and post it here soon and we can all start collecting them together and boxing them up. An another request, Can someone please help me with a logo for our Pay it Forward Force? And could someone please volunteer to help the brigade with their website? They want to link it to our pay it forward page as well. On a final note, just got the good news through the grapevine that the back fires are working and that Big Sur is and will probably be ok after all, which is an immense relief. Thank you for any help you can provide us on these items above Gabriela Forte


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