Pay It Forward/Moose Lodge Update - August 16, Tuesday

posted about 4 years ago by GGayares from Community Emergency Response Volunteers of the Monterey Peninsula Labels: drop-off locaton
This update is over 30 days old.

Just so everyone can immediately see it and with the incredible generosity we've seen, help us with this, re-posting the list of items needed that our very own Gabriela Forte shared yesterday. PLEASE message Clove Garavani or I (Alessandra Bacchetta) directly from this page, if you have questions or if you can make a donation that you need to discuss. We love you for your incredible generosity! Thank you! Here's the list of the things we are still collecting to make the Basic Boxes (which I'll pack next week to deliver) and special items the families need. You can drop any of these MUCH NEEDED Pay It Forward Take home Basic Kit (monthly Supply) items at (please say they are for the Pay it Forward Campaign, to be delivered to me Gabriela Forte) -Moose Lodge at 555 Canyon Del Rey Blvd in del Rey Oaks Or at -Chris Wilson Plumbing at 1112 Phoenix AV in Seaside. - Our personal friends can also drop them at our house if it's easier for you. Pasta Quinoa Tomato sauce Dish detergent Laundry detergent Brown sugar Honey Flour Rice lentils Nuts Coffee Salt Tuna Tea Olive oil Please keep in mind that this is mostly a community of very healthy people, lots of them grew some of their own food, so high quality organic food is what they are used to. And quite frankly, so should everyone be. We all need healthy, wholesome food with high quality pure ingredients, and no chemicals nor preservatives. Your help on getting some of those (ideally, a person could choose an item or more and buy all 30 of that specific item, so we would have it all uniformly done. That is, of course, if possible, but any help with this is deeply appreciated, may it be 30 or a single ingredient) Other items the community has specifically asked for and is in much need of are: New & Used SHOVELS, RAKES, BROOMS Also HEAVY DUTY GARBAGE BAGS, GOGLES, FACE MASKS. for Fire Evacuees to clean up their houses. Please NO CLOTHES, NO BEDDING, etc. If you can help in any capacity, please bring to one of our drop of locations above Or contact Clove Garavani or Alessandra Bacchetta here in Facebook. Thank you SO much!


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