Evacuation Centers and Resources - People & Animals August 20th

posted 2 months ago by CERV from Community Emergency Response Volunteers of the Monterey Peninsula Labels: information
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Evacuation shelter. Open at Carmel Middle School, 4380 Carmel Valley Road. 24 hours. Will provide meals and sleeping accommodations for up to 20 people. Can be expanded if needed. Evacuation center. Weather Tech Raceway Laguna Seca on Highway 68. 12 hours (8 am to 8 pm). Offers evacuees water, snacks and a rest stop. Place to make further plans. Find out about assistance offered by the American Red Cross. Animals SPCA Monterey County. Now housing 11 dogs, 13 cats, and three birds. Call the SPCA at 831-264-5455 for assistance. Residents who need emergency housing or have lost homes, Call American Red Cross 24 hour disaster dispatch helpline: 1-866-272-2237.


  • Do you need volunteers to help at the evacuation centers or with anything else??

    erinpps "(2 months ago)"
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