Debris Removal Phase 2 Paperwork Due 12/15/20.

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From the Community Association of Big Sur. Reminder: ALL Property Owners with wildfire debris must submit a Right-of-Entry Permit OR Opt-Out Waiver to the Resource Management Agency by December 15, 2020 @ 5:00pm. Failure to do so will result in abatement. Phase 2 Debris Removal is anticipated to begin December 1, 2020.

FYI - Properties that have trees that are dead or likely to die within five years as a result of the fire AND present a threat to public health and safety on the public Right of Way (ROW), i.e. roadways, and/or public infrastructure, fire hydrants, water meters, etc. may be eligible for free removal; This includes properties that did not lose a structure.

Questions about Wildfire Debris Removal? Call the Debris Removal Hotline: 831-796-6472 More information can be found on the recovery webpage:


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