Welcoming 2021

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Monterey County residents are caring and resilient. That's WHO we are (and strive to be). Organizations and agencies in Monterey County are well-intentioned, responsive and perhaps most importantly, keep working toward "doing even better". Monterey County residents cherish and respect our diverse cultural and language differences. The outpouring of support on MontereyCo.Recovers.org reflects this. Monterey County residents owe our deepest appreciation to the many first responders and healthcare workers who have put their lives on the line and who continue to work tirelessly to do ESSENTIAL jobs.
Monterey County is one of the most beautiful areas on our planet. No surprise that so many of us work to lessen the devastating impacts of climate change. We can do better. In 2020, Covid vaccines will enable people to go back to work, will put our children back IN schools and allow families and friends to get together again. We must be patient and very very CAREFUL and PATIENT. MontereyCo.Recovers.org wishes you a healthy, happy, New Year and thanks you for responding to the wildfires of 2020. We "activate" during disasters and hope there will not be another one during 2021.


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